Construction of suspension bridge linking Thaprang-Tipang completes

Sandesh Chaudhary 2024-06-13 09-06

BHARATPUR (CHITWAN), April 22: Construction of a suspension bridge over the Wangyang rivulet in Ichhakamana Rural Municipality of Chitwan has completed. 

The bridge has established a linkage with Thaprang-Tipang of Ichhakamana-1. 

Ichhakamana rural municipality’s chair Dan Bahadur Gurung informed that the 72-meter-long bridge was constructed at the investment of the rural municipality and donor organization. 

The bridge will ease the locals for their mobility throughout the year, chair Gurung said. 

Life has become easier in the area having the majority of Chepang community people after the construction of the bridge. “Access to health facilities has become easier for the local residents following construction of the bridge”, he claimed. 

The bridge installation has also eased the residents of Dhading district as well. 

Chief Administrative Officer of Ichhakamana rural municipality, Chandrakanta Basnet claimed the bridge has also established cultural relations of the people of Thaprang-Tipang area. 

“There was trouble for Chepang people for mobility during four months in the rainy season. Now mobility is being eased during all months”, Basnet added. 

The bridge construction had been initiated two years back. It has been constructed at the cost of around Rs 3.3 million.

Source: myrepublica